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Kate Morgan

I'd like to introduce you to my wife, Kate. She's a highly experienced .NET developer and Configuration Manager. She's blogging, too, right here on (It Just) Has To Be.Net.

Mark Wilson

Mark is a colleague with the same leading IT Services company. On his popular blog, Mark comments on his technology experiences with more of an emphasis on IT infrastructure, particularly in the Windows space. It's thanks to Mark that I've been inspired to return to blogging myself.


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Let us introduce ourselves.

Steve Morgan is a Principal Customer Solutions Architect for a leading IT Services company. He's worked on many projects, primarily in the Public Sector since the 1980's using a variety of technologies and methodologies. These days, his focus is on improving the way in which applications are developed and delivered; particularly those that exploit Microsoft's .NET Framework. He is also an avid collector of hobbies, many of which you can't stop him talking about. Expect some of it to turn up here.

Kate Morgan is a .NET software developer and Configuration Management expert who has also been in the business since the IT dark ages. She's spent a good many years developing and architecting solutions for both the Public and the Private Sectors. When she's not working, she's reading and has developed a worrying addiction to e-book readers.

This site is mainly about the technology that continues to keep us enthused and amused, though there are bound to be a few detours along the way. We hope you'll come along for the ride.


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