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I am, I admit, more than a little obsessive about reading. Books, backs of cereal packets, women's magazines, gadget instructions, you name it I read it. This means i have a houseful of books. It also means that all my adult life I've been waiting for some gadget or computer to allow me to read books electronically - just like they did in the Original Star Trek series.

And now I can, I have an ebook reader, well actually two ebook readers, with a third one on order. My first ever ebook reader was a Sony Reader - a PRS 505 - it isn't bad as a reading device. However when the Sony Reader Touch - PRS 600 - came out a year after I bought my first Reader, I just had to have one. And it is better, but the application that allows you to download books onto the Readers from your PC is not great, not at all.

Anyway, I've just ordered a Latest Generation Kindle with 3G and Wifi from Amazon. It doesn't need a separate PC-based application to get ebooks on to the Kindle so that's a plus! I have however just installed the Kindle for PC app on my PC. It seems OK, but I know that I will want to organise my ebooks into collections and I'm not sure I can do that. I can order the ebooks by purchase date, title or author, but that's not enough. I want to be able to classify my ebooks, fiction vs non-fiction, read vs unread, good vs bad, etc, etc. How can I do that?

Posted Aug 22 2010, 05:15 PM by purple.kate
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