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Where is the best place to get eBooks?

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So having got your Sony Reader where is the best place to get eBooks?

Well I have found four sites that I visit regularly that sell ebooks in epub and pdf format for my Sony Reader:

http://www.ebooks.com/ - very good for computing books - search facility is good - but can't tailor the recommendations.

http://www.booksonboard.com/uk_index.html?ebooks=ebooks - I really like the way books are shown in a 'wheel', passing the mouse over a book icon shows the book's synopsis in the centre of the 'wheel'

http://www.waterstones.com/waterstonesweb/browse/ebooks/4294964587/ - search facility is poor (but better than it used to be) and returns results from the main book site as well as ebooks - very annoying. Also can often buy cheaper elsewhere....

.. which leads me to my favorite of the four...

http://ebooks.whsmith.co.uk - separate from the main w.h.smith site, it has it's own search facility which is pretty good. Also this site actually displays lists of Top 100  Fiction, Non-Fiction, Childrens and Sony Reader ebooks as well as the standard subject collections.

Oh but I do wish that www.amazon.co.uk sold ebpub and pdf ebooks. I've always liked Amazon - they know searching - they know how to sell me books - they use my buying habits to sell me more books - they make recommendations - I can influence the recommendations - I want to buy from Amazon.

That's why I've ordered a Kindle, not because I think the Kindle will be miles better than a Sony Reader - it's because Amazon is the best place, by far, to buy books, any kind of book.





Posted Aug 24 2010, 07:24 PM by purple.kate
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