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Do the migrated Builds work?


Well my builds have been migrated - but do they work? The short answer is NO they don't, for a variety of reasons.


Here comes the fun (or perhaps, irritating) bit, working out why none of the builds are working.


Firstly I have a Team Project that holds all of my custom Build Tasks, so this is the place to start:

  • I opened my Build Task solution, and upgraded it to VS2010. The code successfully compiled.
  • I have some unit tests, so I ran these. Well some of my tests failed.
  • One of my custom Build Tasks uses the TFS object model - and it turns out that TFS object model has changed enough that my existing code won't work!
  • This is annoying as we have a couple of internal applications that 'talk' to Team Foundation Server and now I will have to update them. This is additional expense that we were not expecting.


I have now spent a couple of days trying to get my migrated builds to work and come to the following conclusions:


  • Any code using the TFS object model will have to be upgraded.
  • Where there are only 32-bit versions of 3rd Party Assemblies, I will need to use a 32bit Build.
  • My custom tasks just are not working properly even after upgrading to .NET 4.0. and using the TFS 2010 object Model.
  • I either
    1. need to make my custom tasks work or
    2.  I should start to use the new style builds and do my customising in the Workflow rather than MSBuild.


After a long discussion with my boss, we have decided to go with option b: Customise the workflow.

Posted May 19 2010, 08:22 PM by purple.kate
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