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What am I doing now?

Its been sometime since I updated this Blog, I had intended it to be diary of my work on Team Foundation 2010 Build. Life got in the way though.

Firstly I was pulled off my TFS work to do some fee paying work, which I have been doing for most of the summer. Secondly I got made redundant - wish I had seen that coming a bit earlier. Anyway, I'm now on gardening leave and spending my time reskilling.

So what am I doing? Well alongside Application Lifecycle Management, I have long held a fascination for SharePoint. Most recently, I spent some time  reorganising and redesigning my soon to be ex-employer's internal SharePoint structure and content to make it more business focussed. I had also started working with some our Customers, creating SharePoint based solutions to fulfil their document management requirements.

So I am now updating my skillset to include SharePoint 2010.

Posted Oct 13 2010, 10:36 AM by purple.kate

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