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iPhone 4, iOS4.1 and Nokia 616 Bluetooth Compatibility Problems

I've posted previously about iPhone compatibility with the Nokia 616 Bluetooth car kit and made a few updates along the way. But having regressed in terms of compatibility with the iPhone 4, I thought I'd break out a separate post.

You'll find the previous post here.

Today, iTunes offered me the latest iOS version 4.1 for my iPhone 4. Among the release notes I was pleased to see "Bluetooth improvements". I was keen to see if Apple had addressed the issues that, having been resolved with the iPhone 3g and 3gs, were now plaguing the iPhone 4. So, I let iTunes do its thing and ventured out to the car to check.

On connecting to the phone, the car kit asked me the question it always asks (because it's never worked previously): "Download contacts?". I hit the green button and waited a few seconds. The display on the Nokia 616 displayed "Downloading" and a progress bar. Then, the Bluetooth connection was dropped and the display changed to "Download not supported". These are the same symptoms that I've had since upgrading to the iPhone 4.

To be on the safe side, I deleted the Bluetooth pairing from both the car kit and the phone, then set them up again from scratch. On attempting to download the contacts, I had exactly the same error.

The long and the short is that the problem still isn't fixed. You get prompted to download contacts every time the phone connects and you can only dial by using voice dialling (which works fine over Bluetooth) or using the keypad (which is dangerous on the move). I do wish they'd sort it out. Handsets come and go, but having a car kit fitted is a longer term commitment and having cracked the problem with the iPhone 3g/3gs it's a real disappointment to see it return with the iPhone 4.

As ever, I'll keep you updated if I learn more or until I change the car!

Posted Sep 16 2010, 10:56 AM by Steve Morgan


Ivbe wrote re: iPhone 4, iOS4.1 and Nokia 616 Bluetooth Compatibility Problems
on Thu, Sep 16 2010 20:30

Hi, I have the same problem with downloading contacts from iPhone4 to the Nokia 616. :-( But I have no problem with cooperation my iPhone with Garmin Navigation... Bluetooth without problems - downloading contacts is OK, operating (calling) is OK. But it is not very comfortable. Better is to use Nokia 616. But... problem with contacts downoloading...

Martin wrote re: iPhone 4, iOS4.1 and Nokia 616 Bluetooth Compatibility Problems
on Thu, Sep 16 2010 22:33

Interesting news.

I ended up removing my Nokia 616 and fitted a Bury 9060 in its place, after the iOS 4 upgrade broke contacts synchronisation on my iPhone 3GS (I relented and got one again!!). Interestingly my microphone volume level was much better with iOS 4 than with 3.whatever.

The Bury works a charm with the iPhone, a Blackberry Bold 2, and a Nokia E51, however it will 'only' talk to two phones at once :-)

If anybody still wants a Nokia 616 after all of this fun, let me know :-)

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