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Writing about the Cloud for PlatformCloud9

I was recently invited, through work, to start writing about the technical side of designing and developing applications for the cloud on PlatformCloud9.com.

PlatformCloud9 is an industry-specific site from the editorial team from BusinessCloud9.com and is expected to launch soon (at the time of writing, at least). I've started with some articles on developing multi-tenant applications for Windows Azure. While the PlatformCloud9 site is being established, those articles will appear on BusinessCloud9.

BusinessCloud9 is a well-respected site with insight into cloud computing from a number of experts across the IT industry. The material is typically aimed at CxO's. The sister site, PlatformCloud9, aims to build on that with guidance of an more technical nature from subject matter experts with hands-on experience actually delivering cloud-based solutions.

It's a great opportunity for me. As you'll see, my posts here have been extremely sporadic. Writing for the site gives me a great incentive to knuckle down and create some interesting new posts. The feedback I've had so far has been extremely encouraging. The exposure I gain is no bad thing, either.

A less fortunate consequence is that I'm likely to be posting here even more sporadically; if such a thing was possible. But please join me over at PlatformCloud9 or BusinessCloud9 and hopefully you'll find something of interest.


Posted Mar 08 2012, 07:08 PM by Steve Morgan
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